Would a 10% cut in fuel costs help your business?


Many businesses (like mine) experience much more of a saving but just 10% could still be good news in today's economic climate. Maybe it gives your business the edge.

Would reducing your carbon footprint be an excellent bonus?


Using less fuel and using it more efficiently means fewer harmful gases from your engines, making your company a greener business.

Would lower maintenance costs make you happy?


Companies using this product over many years have found less engine wear and lower costs as a result, adding further to cost savings and reducing further the carbon footprint.

Bhen Fuel Saver is Licenced to supply "Force" to Industry and the Public Sector.

Increase fuel economy, Reduce vehicle emissions, Restore power and Longer engine life.

Where is it used now?


In America - Indie 500 (racing cars), large waste trucks, diesel trains, local government, small businesses, lawnmowers and every day van, car and truck users. A number of small businesses in Scotland have used "Force", all seeing positive results.

Building a Better World

Here is the News


• Save money »

Save 7-19% on fuel costs through improved fuel efficiency


• Cut carbon footprint »

Cut engine emissions by 30% or more


• Save more money »

Reduce engine wear and maintenance costs


Save money -

Save the planet

Pay 10% less a litre for petrol using "Force"....













Some motorists have got as much as 30% fuel economy improvement - cutting fuel costs substantially

One bottle of "Force" costs just £70*

and could save you between £200 and £400 - like I do.

* Including VAT