How it Works

How does it work?

Force is a fuel reformulating product that reduces emissions by burning fuel more completely, which improves fuel mileage. Exhaust is essentially unburned fuel - wasted fuel - so when the fuel is used more completely the engine delivers better mileage from every tank and reduced emissions.


Efficient fuel use also means improved engine performance, because a more complete combustion process obtains increased power from each engine revolution.


Hundreds of millions of miles of road testing has proven that commercial fleets on average increase fuel mileage and reduce emissions. Force offers a cost effective solution to help industry meet environmental regulations and relieve rising fuel prices.


Commercial fleets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe use this re-formulator. It significantly reduces emissions, fuel consumption, and engine maintenance costs. EPA laboratory tests confirm that this Fuel Re-formulator is clean upon ignition and ashless upon combustion.


The closer the piston is to Top Dead Centre (on the combustion stroke) the higher the pressure & temperature, and the greater the resulting detrimental forces on upper cylinder components. Eventually the Compression Ring wears an indentation into the cylinder wall, at TDC. This spot receives the least lubrication. This is the "Lubrication Gap" in all internal combustion engines.


Force contains Synthetic Esters adapted from Supercritical Jet Engine Lubricants. It "Bridges the Lubrication Gap"


Some of these Synthetic Esters survive combustion and attach themselves to all metal surfaces within the area of the Upper Cylinders.


Long term effects of Force start appearing after several weeks of continuous use, and the engine begins to run noticeably smoother.


These Synthetic Esters continue to deposit themselves on the metal surfaces, in the boundary layer on the upper cylinders. Engine performance & engine efficiency continues to improve measurably, over a period of months. As long as the use of Force continues as specified on the bottle label. Superior Engine Performance will result.


With a new engine it will run better than new. With an old engine its performance will return closer to the manufacturer's specifications.


The Synthetic Esters in Force are extremely stable. They do not deteriorate into potentially harmful materials, so there is no way that they can void the warranty on a brand new engine. That is why they have been used continuously, in Supercritical Jet Engine Lubrication for more than 50 YEARS


Force is unique and contains 288 distinct cleaning and lubricating esters. These esters are polarised and contain oxygen.


Some of these esters attach themselves to fuel molecules and enhance combustion. Other esters continuously clean carbon and dissolve varnish. A cleaner engine increases performance. Higher performance means less fuel is used, resulting in lower exhaust emissions.

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• Save money »

Save 7-19% on fuel costs through improved fuel efficiency


• Cut carbon footprint »

Cut engine emissions by 30% or more


• Save more money »

Reduce engine wear and maintenance costs


Save money -

Save the planet

Pay 10% less a litre for petrol using "Force"....













Some motorists have got as much as 30% fuel economy improvement - cutting fuel costs substantially

One bottle of "Force" costs just £70*

and could save you between £200 and £400 - like I do.

* Including VAT