Force has been marketed successfully in America for the last few years and has been exposed to public scrutiny by NBC and Fox News - both of which have confirmed that the claims of the product were well met when they carried out their independent tests.

Force makes four key claims that provide positive solutions to meet challenges that face the world today.


Greater fuel efficiency (7-19% improvement)

Reduced engine emissions

Restored Horsepower

Longer Engine Life

The blend of esters in the Fuel Reformulator cleans and lubricates the internal parts of the engine without the use of petroleum derived solvents commonly found in fuel additives.


These benefits, therefore, provide cost savings to individuals, companies and agencies on a sustained basis, improve the longevity of the transport - thus reducing the level of replacement vehicles - and further improve the environment through significant lower emissions.

The product meets key public policy objectives whilst saving industry and individuals money.

For example, The Scottish Government could save around £20M a year and reduce their carbon footprint – saving taxpayers money and saving our planet every year.


A number of small businesses in Scotland are already using this product, returning again and again to continue to cut fuel costs in their business and gain a competitive advantage. You could help make your business more cost effective and reduce your carbon footprint.


Just £70* for one bottle that can save you as much as £400 and cuts harmful emissions, whilst restoring engine efficiency



“As the Environmental Manager of T in the Park, Scotland’s premier music festival, I have to make many visits to site and drive far more miles than I would like to. By adding Force to my normal fuel supply I have increased fuel efficiency by close to 10%. Given my remit is to reduce carbon emissions at Scotland’s largest event, I can now say that Force is helping me to make a step in the right direction. I would strongly recommend using Force to help cut carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency.”


Steve Taylor, Environmental Manager, T in the Park (August 2012)

Easy to use?

What do I need to get started?


There is no expensive gadget or pricy upfront cost, other than the cost of a bottle of "Force". A single bottle can last a car driver who fills their tank (11 gallons) every 2 weeks around 1 year. Buy a bottle and you are ready to save money and save the planet.

How difficult is it to use?


Simply fill the small reservoir at the top of the bottle with around 1 ounce (30ml) and empty this into your tank when you fill up. Add 1 ounce (30ml) to your engine oil, too - it just cleans and lubricates so your fuel and oil can do their jobs much better. Double the dose the first time you use it for faster results.

Does it only work with diesel?


"Force" works with any liquid based fuels - diesel, petrol, biodiesel, biofuel, etc - by cleaning and lubricating the system continuously. You get better performance, save money and save the planet.

Where do I get "Force"?


Contact Bhen Fuel Saver for more information. Complete the Contact Form on this website and someone will respond as quickly as possible.

How much is "Force"?


A 32oz (946ml) bottle costs just £70 and can result in saving of £200 to £400. Larger units are available and can be supplied for fuel depots and larger transporters.

Building a Better World

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• Save money »

Save 7-19% on fuel costs through improved fuel efficiency


• Cut carbon footprint »

Cut engine emissions by 30% or more


• Save more money »

Reduce engine wear and maintenance costs


Save money -

Save the planet

Pay 10% less a litre for petrol using "Force"....













Some motorists have got as much as 30% fuel economy improvement - cutting fuel costs substantially

One bottle of "Force" costs just £70*

and could save you between £200 and £400 - like I do.

* Including VAT